Professional Estate Liquidators

We call it treasure. NOT JUNK!
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What We Do

Trying to empty the entire contents of a home is a daunting task for most people. We come in, sell what can be sold & empty out the rest. The end result for the family is a check in hand and an empty house, so that they can exhale and start the next chapter of their life.  Our easy to remember phone number is 1-800-NOT-JUNK.   Our CEO Bill Watkins is also a licensed Realtor so we can sell your house AND everything in it! Many clients have been relieved by the convenience of having one person to handle everything start to finish. Call us today for a FREE Consultation!

Treasure Me Estate Sales Mission Statement

We are in the business of liquidating the contents of a home. For the client, we will make the process easy, handling their home and items with integrity, expertise, and respect. For the customer, we will offer a memorable shopping experience at exceptional value.

Treasure Me Estate Sales Vision Statement

To become the premier estate sale company in the Delaware Valley by prioritizing people: Our clients, our customers, and our team members.